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pyramids | PLAINS of  STONE

The striking symmetry of the pyramids stand as virtually permanent historical reminders from ancient days of organized humanity. Human built and precisely scientifically aligned with the four cardinal points of the compass - the four corners of the mythological world – the structure’s base ascends uniformly to culminate at the point - where our realm meets the realm of heaven. Mythologically characterized as Mount Olympus or the Mountain of God, pyramids found world-wide are reminders from the first civilizations of the deities all encompassing overlooking gaze. Viewed directly from each side the revered triangle provides harmonious balance to the structure; and again, when viewed from above, the symmetry of the square presents . . . For the purposes of grounding oneself firmly on the far-reaching plains of the earth while retaining the pinnacle of heaven within one’s grasp, the pyramid exemplifies man’s tower of babel – our physical gateway to the heavens.

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