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rose quartz bookends

Size: large

Approx. size 9"
Weight: approx. 1959g

Origin: Brazil


~Rose Quartz~

The 'rose-pink' essence, the flower and color of new love, makes Rose quartz a stone of the heart, the Crystal of Unconditional Love. By opening the Heart Chakra the feminine energies of compassionate peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort flow through this crystal helping dissolve painful emotional wounds of anger and fear and resentment. Rose quartz is known to circulate divine loving energy throughout the entire aura, reawakening the heart to authentic giving and receiving of love.

Opening the Heart Chakra gives us a sense of harmony, allowing us to enjoy human intimacy, affection, warmth, nurturing, family and friendship. The heart chakra is very important in spiritual healing. When the heart center is fully opened, it becomes the channel for Universal Love.

Evidence of this “Heart Stone” being used as a love talisman goes back to 600 BCE and is still effective in attracting new levels of love, intense romance and deeper intimacy. The Heart Stone is known to effectively re-energize the ebbs and flows and currents of life one experiences within the bonds of family, friends and community. With the Heart Stone an enhanced love of life, family, friends and self is known to occur through simple loving forgiveness.

Spiritually, Rose quartz allows a higher frequency communion with the Earth and the Universal Divine creating a deeper appreciation and understanding of love and beauty by stimulating the imagination. The creative energy flows extend far beyond words and art and music into realms of warmth and love and tenderness difficult to describe. A popular stone for reflection and meditation, the soothing calm radiating from this Rose quartz make them unique in releasing the negative and flowing into a focus of love. The Heart Stone effectively releases resentment and guilt creating a new freedom energized by love.

Rose quartz is honored world round for its carving characteristics and is one of the major carving stones in the Orient to this day. Found in abundance world-wide, Rose quartz occurs in massive formations with no crystal faces. Trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese give this crystal its rich, stable color which resists fading with heat or direct sunlight.


rose quartz bookends

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