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quartz cluster

Size: large

Approx. size 5" x 5"
Weight: approx. 922g

Origin: Himalayas


Easily the oldest mystical stone, quartz enlightens and focuses a body's energy towards positive perspectives, goals and results. As everyone knows, the gloomy recesses of any room disappear with a single spark of light. Quartz is the light bearer lending its soothing harmony to the darkest corners of self. Even as the stars shine crystal clear though unseen on stormy nights, the power possessed within each quartz crystal can anchor the most troubled soul. Quartz crystal, from crystal skulls of the ancients to the crystal balls of the mystical arts, is simple to understand and has wide ranging applications making quartz a wonderful beginner's gift to the unenlightened or a necessary staple to your own collection. Consider our concept of time, mastered in our modern day to the millisecond . . . Quartz vibrates 'perfectly' in 'time.' You can set your watch by it! The only stone set and GROUNDED precisely in the present it can aid in many many diverse situations.


quartz cluster

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