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◦pink amethyst geode 
◦Size: small
◦Approx. size 3" x 3"
◦Weight: approx. 227g or 0.50lb
◦Origin: Brazil



Agate Geodes
The eye slips easily to the focal point of magical healing sparkling power of drusy in these geodes, and indeed there are incredible beauties to behold in the star-bright cavernous spaces; but much of the untapped visual magic is found in the layers of agate and glittering crystalline formations surrounding the center-piece spectacle of the geode. With agate, the Stone of Truth, in surrounding layers, the two forces of healing (drusy) and truth (agate) combine into a powerful force making these geodes highly prized additions to any collection. Upon closer examination the eye discerns layer upon layer of varied color agates drifting slowly into small snow-flake resembling crystals. As one's eye drifts further towards center the flakes become larger and more obvious before concentrated agate layers form once again framing the hidden healing mysteries within. Probably more than any other stone, Agate geodes both represent and stimulate the creative thought processes; from the initial rough outer layers of Truthful intentions (agate) through the various fractions of thought and crystallizing of concepts and clear ideas (examining, focusing and synthesizing / healing) back to concrete layers of concept in design (agate) to the brilliant final results framed spectacularly in truth and healing love. Whether a show piece on a shelf or frequently fondled meditative focal point, these agate geodes cast an air of honest healing harmony over any person or space.


PA68//0.5lb pink amethyst geode

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