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◦beautiful one of a kind fairy stone 
◦Size: medium
◦Approx. size  3" x 2.5""
◦Weight: approx.50 g or 0.11 lb
◦Origin: Quebec, Canada 

◦Price: USD 


~Fairy Stone~

Glacial Concretions, known by various names in cultures from Finland to Canada and across the northern reaches of the planet, Fairy stones have been treasured for their rough beauty and uniqueness wherever they are found. Fairy Stones are a composite of sand and clay ‘cemented’ together with calcite (calcium carbonate) and can be found in ponds, lakes and river valleys of glacial origin. Considered by the Algonquins as a stone of strong protection from evil spirits, Fairy Stones have been carried and given as tokens of love and prosperity for centuries with the largest and most intricate being displayed prominently in dwellings.


3" rare fairy stone

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