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plains of stone - orbs

 orbs | PLAINS of  STONE

The symmetry of the circle, the encompassing horizon, the cycles of the seasons, the birth and life and death and rebirth of life. One generation passing and one being born into the circular cycle of life. The simplest of shapes, circles are one of the most fascinating and complex of geometrical figures. Familiar to all, we can proceed to define the “center,” the “radius,” the “circumference,” a “diameter,” a “chord,” a “secant,” an “arc,” etc., etc. Mythological images of the skin-shedding serpent devouring its tail in the form of a circle are found in some of the earliest religious locations. Likewise, as the moon sheds its light to be born again each month anew, circles and cycles are the essence of natural rhythm and flow. As one contemplates the circle of historical energy in these orbs reminders of the beautiful balance and uniformity in nature abound.

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