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eggs | PLAINS of  STONE

Ancients across the world revered and worshiped the egg. Peru’s myths include Mama Oello "the mother-egg." Polynesia’s Tangaloa is said to have hovered as an enormous bird over the waters, and there deposited an egg: the earth with the overarching vault of heaven. In India we find Manu, who, "with a thought, created the waters, and deposited in them a seed which became a golden egg, in which egg he himself is born as Brahma, the progenitor of the worlds." Egypt’s Khnumu modeled the egg (of the world) and also man. Even the Phoenician and Greek composite and obscure traditions appear to have included the primeval flood and the world-egg (out of which came heaven and earth). Regardless of one’s cultural traditions, one will find egg-shaped gemstones a valuable sustaining resource in this parched spiritual epoch; the egg shape itself representing the ultimate in nurturing feminine nature, the pinnacle of human development and progress.

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