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DISPLAY STANDS | Standing above the rest

As one’s personal selection of gems, stones and crystals increases the linear space available to display each one properly decreases. Using display stands creates a multi-level ‘environment’ from which to exhibit your treasured collection among your favorite plants. Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” sizes each /hand made in Colorado/ wood stand includes a 3/4” hole in the top with a metal insert to help keep rounded objects such as orbs and eggs stable. Felt feet are placed on the base to protect surfaces.

A light coat of linseed oil helps bring out the wood’s natural luster. Over time, continue to apply linseed oil to the stands to help preserve the richness and depth of color. Note: The hole/insert in the top is not big enough to set tea-lights, but the metal insert should help protect the wood’s surface should you desire such use. Individually or in a set; for Crystal Orbs, Points, Pyramids, Towers, Wands or simple Plants; solid wood display stands subtly and flexibly enhance any setting. *** Two inch Two inch stands work very well for heavier / larger objects such as the orbs and large points. For displaying individual pieces on desks or shelves, the small stands really make the object displayed ‘pop’ from the surrounding surface. *** Three inch Three inch stands are the most ‘symmetric’ and popular for even the heaviest stones. Like the 2” stands, individually these are popular for displaying crystals in combination with other items such as plants or driftwood. *** Four inch Four inch stands work well for either the heavier or the taller crystals in your collection. Extremely popular for displaying single pieces, these stands should be considered with any gift purchase. *** Six inch Six inch stands truly thrust your lighter specimens above the ‘crowd.’ Specifically for the smaller crystals, eggs, points and orbs, the tall stands will hold heavier objects, but only on a very stable surface. When combined with the smaller stands these tall stands add a wonderful visual ‘depth.’

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