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Outside the studio spring is ready to do its thing. Whether you have already peeled off the long-johns or or continue gazing and dreaming of spring buds laying under layers of snow, it is time to begin planning for the garden and harvest time!

Depending on what you are hoping to add to your pantry this fall, there are several staples which you want to get started right away, or at least 8 weeks before you plan to move your babies outside. These include tomatoes and peppers specifically. If your soil is workable, you will want to get your onions, radishes and other root type plants in the ground at the next opportunity. I found a handy Spring Planting Guide from Mother Earth News (link below). At minimum you will want onions, tomatoes, peppers and garlic for home-made salsa!

If the fancy grow cubes are beyond a reasonable budget, save your cardboard TP rolls. Cut them in half, cut 3-4 slits halfway up the sides and folded the flaps in to make a small ‘cup.’ Fill with good soil and give them a good soaking, then place your tomato and pepper seeds into the moist soil approx ¼ inch (1 cn) and place in a warm location. Keep moist, not wet. Seedlings should appear in 7-10 days. When ready to move outside, simply peel away the paper and plant the root-ball!

I am particularly going to focus my efforts this year on what I can produce to maintain and, hopefully less often, re-gain a homeopathic state of health. Onions and garlic and chili peppers are the simplest and most effective natural medicines available where I live. I am a huge fan of capsaicin, provided by most varieties of chili peppers. Capsaicin is the oil that creates the burning sensation when eaten or applied topically. It is known to provide tremendous healing to injuries and immune boosting characteristics.

You are blessed!

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Natural Anti-inflamatory Agents


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