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Many believe that gemstones have mystical qualities and they wear gemstone jewellery in order to benefit from the positive energies that have been associated with particular gems. Birthstones are gemstones that have been historically associated with particular months and/or signs of the zodiac. It is thought that wearing the gemstone associated with the month or your birth or zodiac sign will provide you will special protection.

The updated version of the Modern Birthstone List, created by the Jewelers of America, is below:

  • January: Garnet

  • February: Amethyst

  • March: Aquamarine

  • April: Diamond

  • May: Emerald

  • June: Pearl/Moonstone

  • July: Ruby

  • August: Peridot

  • September: Sapphire

  • October: Opal/Tourmaline

  • November: Yellow Topaz/Citrine

  • December: Turquoise/Blue Topaz/Tanzanite

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