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hearts | PLAINS of  STONE

Exo_23:9 “And do not oppress a sojourner, as you yourselves know the heart of a sojourner, because you were sojourners ... “ From the earliest spiritual texts one finds references to the heart. Seen for eons as the seat of man’s thoughts, feelings and character the heart can be easily tied to the most terrible and exquisite acts of human passions. The shape of the heart as we currently know it can be traced to Grecian mythology and the seedpod of a now extinct plant called Silphium which can be seen on the coins of Cyrene. Much later, in the middle ages, hearts were represented as a conical shape, much like an inverted pine-cone. Whether representing the seat of your passions, the depths of your joy or a tattoo for a beloved; hearts have meaning far beyond our current understanding of its symbolism.
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